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Fredagen den 24 juni är kontoret stängt på grund av midsommarfirande! Vi är åter på plats måndagen den 27 juni kl.8.00. Vi önskar er en trevlig midsommar!

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PRODUCT NEWS: Neodent® EasyPack

• Grand Morse® Helix Implant
• Grand Morse® Cover Screw
• Grand Morse® Healing Abutment
• Grand Morse® Hybrid Implant Analog
• Grand Morse® 3-in-1 Neodent Smart Abutment™ (NEW)

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PRODUCT NEWS: Neodent® Control System

User friendly kit retentive system
The Neodent® Control Drill Stop Kit includes an innovative retentive system.
A convenient and timesaving pick and drop mechanism during the surgical procedure.

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Neodent® EasyPack
The Simplicity to Have All-in-one Set
Neodent® Control System
Confidence for the surgical procedure
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