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Axiom® scan-adapters

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Axiom® scan-adapters
Coherence and precision

Anthogyr offers a range of versatile scan-adapters to match each type of restoration and implant platform
Laser marking for easy identification
May be used without a spray for straightforward scanning
CAD library compatible with Dental Wings, Exocad and 3Shape

Compatibility range:
If sold individually

152-27-SAA - Axiom® BL
Single-unit - implants and bases
156-0X-SAA - Axiom® TL
Single-unit - implants and bases
Multi-unit - bars
156-0X-SAO - Axiom® TL/inLink®
Multi-unit - TL implants and inLink® abutments
151-03-SAO - Axiom® Multi-Unit - R - Ø4.8
151-04-SAO - Axiom® Multi-Unit - N - Ø4.0


151-02-KIT - Single- and multi-unit: Axiom BL®/Axiom® TL/Multi-Unit®/inLink®

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