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Axiom® REG/PX drill stop kit


Axiom® REG/PX drill stop kit


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Axiom® BL / TL implants - Ø3.4 to Ø5.2

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Drill stop kit - Axiom® Multi-Level®
Comfort, safety and performance

Anthogyr offers a kit of drill stops for Axiom® Multi-Level® drills for checking and controlling drilling depth, thereby ensuring safety and peace of mind during surgery.
Intuitive to use, the drill stops make surgery considerably easier and enable you to maintain optimal performance.
The kit is ergonomically designed so that the drill stops can be picked up directly with the contra-angle, saving valuable time during surgery.

Color coding makes it easy to identify the diameters and lengths of the drill stops.
Built-in mistake-proofing features prevent the drill stops from being put back the wrong way round during surgery.
Unique feature: built-in system for contact-free removal
Special feature prevents drill stops from falling out if the kit is overturned.


Complete drill stop kit includes the tray, 12 short drill stops (for size S drills) and 24 long drill stops (for size L drills)
Empty drill stop kits also available

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