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Surgical and prosthetic kit - Axiom® 2.8 range
Simplicity and efficacy

Anthogyr offers a complete dedicated kit for the surgical and prosthetic protocols of Axiom® 2.8 implants, ensuring simplicity and comfort of use.
The kit is compact, ergonomic and organized in a complete and practical fashion for implant placement, while its ergonomic design facilitates and shortens surgery at all stages, from drilling and implant closure to placement of the prosthesis.
The placement protocol is based on simple, methodical, guided workflows –simply follow the orange color coding specific to the Axiom® BL 2.8 implant.
The kit comprises dedicated instruments for placing implants along with dedicated prosthetic tools for inserting and removing temporary PEEK components and handling final abutments. It also contains the SafeLock® impactor for impacting final prosthetic components into place.


Complete kit includes the following instruments specific to the Axiom® 2.8 range:
- Drills and screw tap
- Round bur
- Depth gauges
- Wrenches and drivers
- SAFE LOCK® impactor
Safe Lock® instrument alone must be used for impacting final prosthetic components into place:
The SAFE LOCK® automatic impactor is a handheld instrument connected to a dental micromotor. It can be used to deliver small pressing motions at a constant force whose rhythm can be adjusted by playing with the speed of the motor, providing complete insertion control. When combined with special insertion bits, it can be used to impact final prosthetic components into Axiom 2.8 implants.

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