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SC Repositionable Implant Analog - L 17mm, stainless steel

REF 025.0024

Repositionable Implant Analog

SC Repositionable Implant Analog - L 17mm, stainless steel

Categories:  for Regular CrossFit® (RC) Implants for Narrow CrossFit® (NC) Implants for Small CrossFit® (SC) Implants for Wide Neck (WN) Implants for Regular Neck (RN) Implants for Narrow Neck CrossFit® (NNC) Implants Fixed Fixed Scanners Straumann® Zygomatic implants for Narrow TorcFit™ (NT) Implants for Wide TorcFit™ (WT) Implants for Regular TorcFit™ (RT) Implants for Regular Base (RB) Implants for Wide Base (WB) Implants Digital Accessories RC Digital Accessories NC Digital Accessories SC Digital Accessories WN Digital Accessories RN Digital Accessories NNC Pro Arch BLT Pro Arch BLX Digital Impression Zygomatic Digital Accessories Impression Components NT Impression Components WT Impression Components RT Digital Accessories RB Digital Accessories WB

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Product details

REF Reference

Connection Type
SC (Small CrossFit®)
17 mm


Please note: This product is not compatible with the Straumann® Zygomatic Implant System.

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SC Repositionable Implant Analog, L 17mm, stainless steel


[CDD-6725] Compatibility Tool?

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