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n!ce® para PlanMill®, LT C2, C14

REF 010.7145

n!ce® para PlanMill®, LT C2, C14


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Straumann® n!ce® - nice to meet you ;-)

Unique proprietary fully crystallized glass-ceramic developed and produced by Straumann®

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New high-tech, glass-ceramic solution from Straumann® that delivers fast, esthetic single tooth restorations.

  • Faster turnaround time and increased efficiency
    Just mill, polish and seat, no need for crystallization firing saving substantial time and effort for top performance quickly and easily
  • Added convenience and time saving
    n!ce® is pleasantly simple and very reliable. With its smooth surface finish and margin lines, the restoration can simply be polished to achieve a high-gloss restoration
  • Natural appearance with high strength and longevity
    The n!ce® material allows natural-looking and thin restorations for optimal tooth preservation with the Straumann® quality assurance

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