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inLink® Laboratory lock (by 4)

REF ILL300-4

inLink® Laboratory lock (by 4)


Categories:  Axiom® inLink® locks

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inLink locks
Medical grade V titanium
Lock specificities
Without gripper
Packing options
By 4

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Axiom® inLink® locking systems
Ingenuity, performance and precision

Anthogyr offers you an innovative locking system built directly into the Simeda® CAD/CAM prosthesis. The system is used for screw-retained multi-unit restorations on the inLink® connection. Comprising a standard or guided fixation lock and a retention ring encased in a specially fabricated housing within the Simeda® prosthesis, the solution has a number of advantages:
No moving or handling of screws
Fast insertion. Insertion of final locks further facilitated by their being mounted on holders
Reduced vertical height


Try-in locks: Available in standard or guided versions. Easy to identify by their green anodized coating. For testing of prostheses intraorally or handling of prostheses in the laboratory if they need to be screwed onto a model. Come in sets of 4.
Final locks: Available in standard and guided versions. Come individually or in sets of 2 (guided) or 4 (standard). They can be mounted on holders to facilitate insertion
Lab locks: Available individually or in sets of 4. Identifiable by their blue anodized coating

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