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Multi-Unit protection cap


Multi-Unit protection cap


Categories:  Axiom® Caps

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BL Multi-Unit
Titanium Grade V - Ti6Al-4V-ELI
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Per unit
BL Multi-Unit

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Axiom® protective caps
Safety, coherence

Anthogyr offers a wide range of copings and caps for protecting abutments and bases during the fabrication of provisional and final single- and multi-unit prostheses. A tailored selection of diameters, platforms and coronal heights to meet the needs specific to each type of abutment and base of the Axiom® range


Protective caps - Axiom® BL standard abutments
4 diameters: Ø3.4 - Ø4.0 - Ø5.0 - Ø6.0 mm
2 coronal heights: 4.0 and 6.0 mm
Protective caps - Multi-Unit Axiom® BL abutments
2 platforms: R - Ø4.8 mm and N - Ø4.0 mm
Protective caps - inLink® abutments
2 platforms: R - Ø4.8 mm and N - Ø4.0 mm
2 placement methods: clip in or screw in
Available individually or in sets of 4
Protective caps - Axiom® 2.8
Protective caps - AxIN® bases

3 diameters: Ø4.0 - Ø4.8 - Ø5.0 mm

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