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Axiom® burs

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Burs - Axiom® range
Simplicity and efficacy

Anthogyr offers two types of burs specific to the Axiom® Multi-Level surgical protocol for preparing osteotomies:
- Round bur for marking the implant site to guide drilling position
- Lindemann bur for drilling and correcting the initial drilling axis, particularly in post-extraction sites

Owing to the clever organization of the Axiom® Multi-Level® range, the same surgical instruments, including the same burs, can be used for placing both Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implants.


Axiom® 2.8: Round bur
Axiom® Multi-Level® - Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL:
- Round bur
- Lindemann bur Ø2.0 mm

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