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AxIN® laboratory base Axiom® TL N

REF AXIN156-01-L

AxIN® laboratory base Axiom® TL N


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Ti-Base type
AxIN® lab
Tissue Level (TL)
Titanium Grade V - Ti6Al-4V-ELI
Axiom® TL

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AxIN® bases
Innovation, safety and esthetics

AxIN® is a personalized single-unit screw-retained Simeda® solution comprising a zirconia tooth mounted on a titanium base for Axiom® BL and TL implants. Its screw channel can be angled up to 25°. It is also easy to disassemble and to handle, and possesses a screw built directly into the specially milled base of the prosthesis.
Since it can be used without adhesive or sealant, it preserves soft tissues and promotes biological safety.
Its narrow screw channel is farther from the edges, promotes mechanical strength (even in small teeth) and preserves natural tooth anatomy.

The final personalized Simeda® restoration is delivered with the final Anthogyr base.
Management of the provisional prosthesis is made easier by AxIN® bases which can be combined with a range of corresponding temporary AxIN® copings to mold soft tissue to the final tooth restoration.

AxIN® range of bases:

AxIN® bases - Axiom® BL:
Emergence diameter Ø4.0 mm - 2 gingival heights 1.5 and 2.5 mm.
Emergence diameter Ø5.0 mm - gingival height 2.5 mm.
AxIN® bases - Axiom® TL: Available for each prosthetic platform (N - Ø4.0 mm/R - Ø4.8 mm).

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