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Pack of 4 tapping devices


Axiom® taps

Pack of 4 tapping devices

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Screw taps - Axiom® range
Coherence, simplicity and efficacy

Anthogyr offers a full range of dedicated screw taps for the Axiom® Multi-Level surgical protocol to ensure easy, functional, intelligent drilling for finalizing implant site preparation before implant placement:
Color coding makes it easy to identify the screw taps specific to each Axiom® Multi-Level® implant diameter.
Screw taps available in large size (L) for flexible use.
Owing to the clever organization of the Axiom® Multi-Level® range, the same surgical instruments, including the same screw taps, can be used for placing both Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implants.


Axiom® 2.8: Screw tap Ø2.8 x 25 mm
Axiom® Multi-Level® - Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL: Size L screw taps available in Ø2.8 - Ø4.0 - Ø4.6 - Ø5.2 mm. Come individually or in sets.

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[CDD-6725] Compatibility Tool?

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