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Dynamometrical wrench with tip for lubricating spray (ref. 1933X)

REF 15501

Dynamometrical wrench with tip for lubricating spray (ref. 1933X)


Categories:  Equipment Prosthetic wrench - Torq Control®


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Torq Control® precision wrench
Precision, versatility, handling, performance

For successful implant treatment, precise tightening of the prosthetic component onto the implant is primordial. Perfect tightening prevents the risk of loosening or screw fracture. Calibrated tightening can only be achieved with a precision instrument equipped with adjustable torque settings. These needs are met by the handheld self-limiting Torq Control® wrench designed by Anthogyr:
Extreme precision: torque adjustment system for tightening prosthetic components to 7 torque values (10–35 Ncm)
Compatible with all implant systems. Prosthetic drivers possess a universal connection
Self-limiting mechanism stops tightening once the desired torque is reached, ensuring maximum safety.
Excellent intraoral visibility and easy access to posterior regions with the head optimally angled at 100°
Ease and speed of use: Micro-head and ergonomic handle – weighs only 130 g for greater freedom of movement
Easy to clean: one-piece design and smooth surface limit areas of microbial retention – lubricant spray hose

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