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Osteotome convex straight - n°1 - Ø 2.0 - 2.8



Per unit
Ø 2.0 - 2.8
Osteo Safe®
Medical grade stainless steel

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Osteo Safe® solution
Safety, comprehensiveness, peace of mind

Osteo Safe® is a unique, comprehensive automated osteotomy solution for sinus augmentation by the crestal approach and maxillary bone spreading in low-density bone. It ensures safe, minimally invasive bone preparation. It also makes the procedure fully controllable and reproducible, affording the practitioner greater peace of mind. Comprising a pre-calibrated impactor which connects directly to any type of micromotor, a screwdriver and 16 osteotomes with different bits delivered in a sterilization tray, the Osteo Safe® solution can be used to place Axiom® Multi Level® implants in 1 procedure.

Gradual, constant, pre-calibrated impaction which can be regulated using the speed of the motor
Short, simplified workflow involving 4 osteotomes of progressively increasing diameter Ø2.0 - Ø2.8 / Ø2.5 - Ø3.3 / Ø3.0 - Ø3.9 and Ø3.5 - Ø4.5
Laser marking makes it easy to identify the incremental diameters of the osteotomes in each workflow – red and yellow bands indicate concave and convex bits.


1 SAFE automated impactor
16 straight and bayonet osteotomes of progressively increasing diameter. Available individually, in sets or as part of the complete kit
1 universal surgical screwdriver with 2 accessories: 1 insertion driver for Axiom® REG/PX implants + 1 extra-long trilobe driver extender
1 sterilization tray

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