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Set including: bone collector + 3 filters + adaptor

REF 12010

Aspeo® bone collection

Set including: bone collector + 3 filters + adaptor

Categories:  Bone collection - Aspeo® Kit

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Aspeo® bone collector
Efficacy and handling

Thanks to the large capacity of its filter, Aspeo® is a very high performance bone harvesting system.
This ergonomically designed device is also cost-effective and reusable. Not only does it ensure excellent intraoral visibility and impeccable cleanliness with its stainless steel design, but it can also be fully disassembled and is suitable for thermal disinfection and sterilization. What's more, Aspeo® is compatible with all aspiration systems.


Aspeo® kit: bone collector + 3 single-use filters + adapter
Single-use filters: available in sets of 6 or 12
Adapter for connecting to the aspiration system Ø16/Ø11

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ASPEO® bone collector + 3 filters + adaptor
[CDD-6725] Compatibility Tool?

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